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Our Mission

Farmers Crop Insurance’s goal is to provide innovative, economic crop and revenue protection specific to each individual farmer and rancher and their unique operation. Their business is built on principles of honesty, fairness and integrity.

Meet the Team

Sam Sparks
Sam SparksChief Executive Officer
David Osborne
David OsbornePresident, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist
Leidy Osborne
Leidy OsborneVice-President, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist
Shannon Sparks
Shannon SparksSecretary/Treasurer
Doug Hansen
Doug HansenMulti-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist
Wayne Shafer
Wayne ShaferMulti-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist
Sam Martinez
Sam MartinezMulti-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist, Drone and Mapping Consultant
Sara Contreras
Sara Contreras Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist, Operations Specialist
Clint Gilbert
Clint GilbertMulti-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist, Drone and Mapping Consultant
Bruce Hill
Bruce HillMulti-Peril Crop Insurance Specialist
Linda Gomez
Linda GomezAdministrative Assistant